GTI Carrier Aggregation White Paper V5

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Executive Summary


1 The spectrum status of operators and Carrier Aggregation scenarios
 1.1 Introduction to Carrier Aggregation
 1.2 Summary of the spectrum status of operators
 1.3 Operator requirements for Carrier Aggregation combinations
 1.4 The main usage scenarios of CA

2 Principles of the CA technique and technical advantages
 2.1 CA principles
 2.2 Technical advantages of the CA technique
 2.3 Evaluation of algorithms for scheduling and balancing symmetrical and asymmetrical traffic
  2.3.1 Scheduling schemes in Carrier Aggregation
  2.3.2 Load Balancing Algorithms in Carrier Aggregation
 2.4 Determine best methodologies for mobility in a CA environment
 2.5 Carrier Aggregation achieved fast load balancing
 2.6 Supporting large CA UE capacity

3 The requirements and technique roadmap of TD-LTE Carrier Aggregation
 3.1 Introduction of current Standardization Status
 3.2 Standardization Roadmap
 3.3 Introduction of Current Industry status
  3.3.1 System Industry
  3.3.2 Terminal Industry
  3.3.3 Technique Verification
 3.4 Requirement Roadmap of intra-band Carrier Aggregation
  3.4.1 Downlink Intra-band Carrier Aggregation
  3.4.2 Uplink Intra-band Carrier Aggregation
  3.4.3 Summary of schedule for DL and UL intra-band CA
 3.5 Requirement Roadmap of inter-band Carrier Aggregation
  3.5.1 Downlink Inter-band Carrier Aggregation
  3.5.2 Uplink Intra-band Carrier Aggregation
  3.5.3 Summary of schedule for DL and UL intra-band CA
 3.6 Priority of frequency band combinations
  3.6.1 Support for lower channel bandwidths

4 Field Trial Verification Results for Further Downlink Carrier Aggregation
 4.1 Background and Necessity of Three-Carrier Aggregation
 4.2 Standard-Defined Three-Carrier Frequency Band Combinations
 4.3 Trial Three-Carrier Verification Results of a Commercial Network

5 Dual Connectivity -An Alternative Approach
 5.1 DC deployment scenarios.
 5.2 Principles and Technical Advantages
 5.3 Industry Status and Roadmap

6 Summary

GTI Carrier Aggregation White Paper V5:

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