GTI IoT Service Layer Architecture White Paper v1.0

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Executive summary 

1.    IoT era is coming

2.    Operators add values to IoT  
2.1.    Multi-layer multi-vertical network-sliced service   
2.2.    Efficient data collecting and sharing   
2.3.    Professional service   
2.4.    Software platforms and analytics services 

3.    IoT service system of operators   
3.1.    Architecture requirement   
3.2.    Functional requirement   
3.3.    Building the open IoT service system

4.    Standardization to boom IoT   
4.1.    Why standardized solution is necessary   
4.2.    Standardized platform   
4.3.    Standardized data model   
4.4.    On the way to standardization

5.    oneM2M open IoT service layer   
5.1.    oneM2M service layer architecture   
5.2.    oneM2M identifiers   
5.3.    oneM2M resources   
5.4.    oneM2M primitives   
5.5.    Common service functions   
5.6.    Communication management and delivery handling   
5.7.    Service layer interworking with 3GPP network   
5.8.    Security   
5.8.1.    Challenges of IoT security   
5.8.2.    Overall approach of oneM2M on security   
5.8.3.    Security frameworks specified by oneM2M    Secure enrolment services    Operational security services    Overview    Security Association Establishment    End-to-End Security of Primitives    End-to-End Security of Data    Authorization    Authorization using Access Control Lists    Dynamic Authorization    Privacy Policy Management   
5.9.    Interworking  

6.    Communication service suite for IoT   
6.1.    Communication service suite architecture   
6.2.    Common functions of communication service suite   
6.3.    Resource model   
6.4.    LwM2M introduction   
6.5.    LwM2M security   
6.6.    LwM2M interworking with oneM2M

7.    Moving forward with a unified IoT service layer  

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