Ms. Chen Jiachun

2017-07-12 17:33:30 | Source:



Ms. Chen Jiachun

Deputy Director

Communication Development Department of MIIT China


On behalf of the Chinese government, Ms. Chen gave an opening speech. At the very beginning, she mentioned MIIT of China paid high attention to the development of mobile telecommunication industry and focused continuously promote 4G development and 5G R&D, which has achieved remarkable effects. In the meantime, she made four proposals to the whole industry:


  - Fist, take full advantages of TDD to continuously promote 4G evolution and the scale application of 4G network

  - Second, promote 5G spectrum harmonization for a global unified 5G standard to facilitate cross-industry deep cooperation. 

  - Third, strengthen cross- industry joint innovation by promote pilots in the key areas, such as IoV and IoT to accelerate large-scale commercialization.

  - Forth, focus on open cooperation and build global industrial ecosystem to jointly to promote 4G/5G development.


In addition, she fully affirmed that GTI has played a very much positive role in promoting global telecommunication technology evolution and industry development. Also, she hoped GTI could contribute more in cross-industry collaboration in the future.


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