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This is the dialogue between government and industry, and also the idealistic collision between 5G innovation and Smart City development. Mr. Craig Ehrlich, Chairman of GTI, hosted this session.


Mr. Li Tang, Vice Mayor of Yingtan China

-  Yingtan City has already built 3 high-quality NB-IoT networks covering the whole city, and introduce more than 40 IoT projects with total investment over 7 billion.

-  Rapidly promote the industrial transformation and upgrading and speed up the construction of the IoT end-to-end industry chain. Develop NB-IoT industry such as Smart Water Meter, Smart Wearable etc.

-  Yingtan City has completed reform of 400 NB-IoT Water Meters in three communities and will become the first city in China to use the Smart Water Meters, and completed the transformation of 171 NB-IoT intelligent parking spaces in Longhu Mountain Scenic Area. Rapidly promote NB-IoT model applications such as smart agricultural project, river water quality monitoring, food safety, elevator management etc.



Ms. Wang Zhiqin, Vice President of CAICT, Vice Chair of IMT-2020(5G)Promotion Group

-  In terms of technical standard, currently the largest 5G field test has been built in Huairou District, Beijing and we are focusing on product testing of 5G including the development of wireless and core technology network this year.

-  In terms of facilitating 5G cross-industry application, promote the combination of 5G technology and vertical industry such as IoV, set up C-V2X Group to promote the cooperative development of LTE-V2X, 5G and future IoV.

-  Smart City is a successful and typical use case of IoT. NB-IoT is suitable for Smart City at present and 5G will continue to contribute to the development of Smart City


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