GTI Deliverables Release

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To promote 4G evolution towards 5G for laying solid foundation of cross-industry innovation, three major achievements of GTI in the year of 2016 were released, at the GTI Summit 2017 in Barcelona, including Future Spectrum Initiative, HPUE and GTI White Papers.   


Future Spectrum Initiative, a guidance to achieve global harmonization of future spectrum usage by comprehensive introduction to the status of global 5G spectrum and concrete recommendations.  ( )


High Power UE products and solutions on Band 41 have been delivered to the market in an expedited manner, significantly improving coverage and user experience at cell edge, meanwhile saving 15%-30% investment for operators.


GTI also released 2 White Papers, including Massive MIMO White Paper and 4G Wireless Broadband Industry White Paper, to facilitate maturity of the industry and guide TD-LTE performance improvement and its evolution, as well as lead operators to innovative services and new business growth. 


-  Massive MIMO White Paper describes the technical principles and test achievements of Massive MIMO, and serves as a reference for operators and industry partners during 4G evolution and 5G deployment.  ( )

-  4G Wireless Broadband Industry White Paper provides an overview of the wireless broadband industry and trends and the specific advantages over fixed broadband in reaching underserved populations.

( )  


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