Mr. Xu Zhijun

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Mr. Xu Zhijun

Rotating CEO, Huawei


“Expect the entire industry and all the participants to have a sense of historical mission: build 5G with more vitality and longer life cycle. This is the only way to benefit all the investment industry and guarantee the return on investment.”


How to complete this historical mission, Mr. Xu also made the following four points:

- Direct the exploration of technological innovations for sustainable development of the 5G industry.

- Set up an open platform for cross-industry collaboration.

- Promote coordination of cross-industry regulatory policies that keep abreast of the changing times.

- Support telecom operators to play a continuous key role in the era of all-connectivity.


He emphasized that GTI had already played a very important role in the development of 4G. In the upcoming 5G era, he also expected GTI could continuously make great contributions in the following areas:

-  Shape technology innovation for global needs to promote industry development

-  Build open platform for cross-industry collaboration

-  Brokering cross-industry regulations to drive alignment and digitalization of verticals

-  Support Telco’s continued relevance in the connected era


“Let’s work to build a robust 5G and live up to the collective historic mission.”




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