Mr. Craig Ehrlich

2017-03-06 17:22:30 | Source:




Mr. Craig Ehrlich

Chairman, GTI


In Mr. Craig Ehrlich’s speech, he summarized the achievements made by GTI in the last 6 years that FDD/ TDD this two technologies have fully converged. He also mentioned that we are facing a spectrum environment in which most people are talking about 5G, which is the reason why GTI 2.0 was rebooted. 


“Most importantly, we wanted to do something different than what other organizations are doing of 5G. So the task was what’s different. So we set out to try to look at the verticals, how we could find a commercial use for 5G, with drones, robotics, cars, and that’s been the focus of GTI as we changed a bit of our themes. ”

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