"5G in China: the enterprise story", a joint report by GTI and GSMA was released at the summit.

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"5G in China: the enterprise story", a joint report by GTI and GSMA was released at the summit. Mr. Mats Granryd, General Director of GSMA was interviewed by the moderator and commented that the report reveals the need for a supportive policy environment to incentivize industry collaboration and empower mobile operators to work with other sectors to innovate and launch new 5G services faster.

-  Q1: the GSMA and GTI published a new report on “5G in China: the enterprise story”, looking at the role of 5G in three key enterprise sectors – automotive, drones and manufacturing. Can you share with us the motivation and why China?

    A1: China has a huge market and huge subscribers. With the development of technology and economy, China has gradually become a global innovation center. At the same time, China is also actively promoting the development of 5G, and it will become a country that deploys 5G networks on a large scale in the future. By 2025 we believe that almost 1.2 billion people worldwide will use 5G networks, and almost 30% of them are from China.

-  Q2: What are the key takeaways of the report and what can other markets learn from this report as they develop an enabling environment for 5G?

    A2: In this report, you will find Chinese government regards 5G as a strategic investment, which is important for other nations to review. The combination of 5G and AI will unleash new possibilities and enable more exciting services and application in our society. In terms of spectrum, the Chinese government has allowed spectrum resources to be allocated for the development of 5G. In the future, the spectrum will be utilized efficiently and preventing spectrum fragmentation. Many operators are cooperating with vertical industries to promote the development and applications of 5G. 2G and 3G achieve the connection between you and me, 4G gives us the platform and 5G gives us higher speed and lower latency, which will have deep impact on our society and industry.

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