Mr. Li Zhenyu

2018-07-10 16:45:19 | Source:

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Mr. Li Zhenyu
VP & General Manager of Intelligent Driving Group, Baidu


Mr. Li Zhengyu, VP of Baidu elaborated on how the Aollo Open platform and 5G accelerate the construction of a new ecosystem of autonomous driving and intelligent transportation.

-  5G-V2X perfectly meets the needs of autonomous driving: ultra-reliable, low latency, high throughput communication for autonomous driving.

-  The 5G era brings more possibilities for innovations in autonomous driving: collaboration between vehicles, enhanced AD ability, cloud planning, real time localization, intelligent parking.

-  5G-V2X accelerating the arrival of autonomous driving, the computing and perception capabilities will redistribute from vehicle to the roadside units and the cloud, and thus reduce the cost of on-board sensors.

-  5G-V2X + Apollo will achieve “safer, more intelligent, more efficient”, and promote commercialization of autonomous driving in China and lead the deployment in the world.

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