Mr. Chen Zhaoxiong

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Mr. Chen Zhaoxiong
Vice Minister, MIIT of China


-  The development of information and communication technology and emerging technologies, such as cloud computing, big data and AI, has created new opportunities, which provides great support for the digital, connected and intelligent development of economy and society.

-  4G has promoted the popularization of information and communication technologies around the world. According to GSMA, as of 2017, the number of mobile subscribers has reached 3.3 billion. In 2017, the mobile industry accounted for 4.5% of the global GDP. The upcoming 5G will create more new development opportunities for industrial development.

-  Accelerating 5G development is an inherent requirement for the development of global mobile communication technology industry. It is also an objective requirement to support the transformation and upgrading of the service economy to achieve high-quality development. It is expected that GTI will play a more important role in 5G innovation development. Accelerate the maturity of 5G industry and promote the integration of next generation of information technology to build a smart society and create a better life. Meanwhile, strengthen cross-industry cooperation to cultivate new products and new business models, and build a new win-win ecosystem.

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