Mr. Wang Jiye

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Mr. Wang Jiye
Vice President, CEPRI of State Grid Corporation of China


Mr. Wang Jiye shared 5G Enables Energy Internet. The 5G+AI requirements including high speed, Ubiquitous perception, always on-line, intelligence to achieve the smarter future of internet of energy.
• Energy Internet is a basic platform for interconnection of various energy participants such as source, network, consumer and human. Energy participants may have dual identities of energy production and consumption at the same time. Through integration of energy, business and information flow, we could achieve a two-way interaction, peer-to-peer sharing and value-added services, like what the Internet did.
• Compared with traditional power grid, Energy Internet is not only the transmission network of energy. It provides a wide range of interconnections between human, materials, energy and terminals. It meets more interactive needs and creates new values. Three features of Energy Internet: “New energy& business” get access in large scale, “Control” from part to entire process, increasing demand for information gathering.
• Smart grid business transformation in the future poses new challenges to the ubiquity, openness, interactivity, intelligence and credibility for ICT. With full connection of the power grid, the wireless network will show its advantage: "safe, reliable, economical, flexible and ubiquitous" and play an increasingly important role in building Energy Internet.
• Smart grid is the basic carrier of Energy Internet; the cyberspace supports the power generation, transmission and consumption interconnection; ICT technologies such as cloud computing, Internet of Things, big data and artificial intelligence support smart grid control, management and application.
• An unprecedented global energy revolution and digital revolution are taking place in the world. Low-carbon, intelligence and Internet are the common themes of this revolution, everyone is a participant and all humanity will benefit from it.
• China is advancing the energy production and consumption revolution in an all-round way. State Grid actively seizes the trend of energy& digital revolutions in depth, and builds a world-class Energy Internet company with excellent competitiveness for our strategic goal.
• Taking this World Mobile Conference& GTI as an opportunity, we hope to explore innovative applications of 5G + Power and support the construction of Energy Internet with a new generation of ICT including 5G. We sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life in the world to cooperate extensively with us to jointly promote the 5G industry chain!

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