(NEW)R5-192788 Reply to GTI LS - 5G NR SA Industry Progress

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3GPP TSG-RAN WG5 Meeting #82         R5-192788

Athens, Greece, 25th Feb 2019 - 1st Mar 2019


Title: Reply to GTI LS - 5G NR SA Industry Progress

Response to: Input from GTI on “5G NR SA Industry Progress”

Source: 3GPP TSG RAN WG5



Contact Person:       Danni SONG (songdan@chinamobile.com)

Attachments: [1] R5-191295 - Update of RAN5 5G NR phases and target update RAN5#82;
                      [2] R5-192867 WP UE Conformance Test Aspects - 5G system with NR and LTE – Status after RAN5#82


1. Overall Description:


RAN5 thanks GTI for the inputs on 5G NR SA industry progress and is glad to know GTI has made a good progress on 5G NR SA. Besides, RAN5 also appreciates GTI giving the clear industry demands on the SA Option2 test case priorities, including the single carrier, 2CC CA and UL-MIMO.

In order to carter for the industry pre-commercial deployment requirements, RAN5 has already adjusted the tight resources to try to meet the industry’s SA Option 2 test cases priorities. Accordingly, RAN5 has also approved the latest update of 5G/ NR UE Conformance testing work item phases and target dates in [1] (attached) and the RAN5 5GS work plan along with the list of completed test cases in [2] (attached). These are regular outputs from RAN5 meeting and RAN5 will appreciate it if GTI could regularly share the information about 5G NR test requirements, test case priorities and timelines in the coming months.

RAN5 looks forward to further fruitful cooperation with GTI.


2. Actions:

RAN5 respectfully asks GTI to take above information into consideration.


3. Date of Next TSG-RAN WG5 Meetings:

3GPP TSG RAN WG5 Meeting #5 5G-NR Ad-hoc  9th – 12th April 2019 Xi’an, China.

3GPP TSG RAN WG5 Meeting #83 13th – 17th May 2019 Reno, USA.


R5-192788 Reply to GTI LS - 5G NR SA Industry Progressbd5423ad2772a362214c89facba38e0f.jpg


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