Charter to conduct 4G and 5G trials with Samsung

2017-09-13 14:26:19 |

Samsung at MWC 2017Charter Communications will be conducting lab and field trials on 5G and 4G LTE wireless networks in association with Samsung Electronics America, reports Telecom Lead on September 13, 2017.
Charter is evaluating fixed use cases using Samsung’s pre-commercial 28 GHz (mmWave) system and devices during the 5G trial. Charter is conducting the 4G trials at 3.5 GHz (CBRS), utilizing Samsung’s combined 4G LTE small cell technology in an outdoor environment to evaluate mobile use cases.
Charter said its high speed network currently passes 49 million homes and businesses.
"As we move closer to the launch of a Spectrum wireless service in 2018, our work with Samsung on trials of 4G small cell technology will support our overall wireless strategy," said Craig Cowden, senior VP, Wireless Technology at Charter Communications.
Samsung recently announced readiness of its 5G integrated chipset that will enable operators to deploy low cost radios in a compact form factor and overcome high-frequency spectrum coverage challenges.
"As a pioneer in small cell networks technologies, Samsung is excited to partner with Charter as they evaluate their 5G and 4G wireless network technologies," said Mark Louison, SVP, Networks, Samsung Electronics America.
Charter, which is planning Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) launch next year, has tapped Samsung to test 4G LTE mobile service in support of their MVNO wireless strategy.
Samsung’s LTE outdoor small cell provides a compact base station that is ideal to hang on Charter’s cable strand asset, due to its small size and low power consumption. The small cell provides both 4G LTE and Wi-Fi service over multiple frequencies.

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