SK Telecom to Deploy 5G-based Traffic System in Seoul

2019-01-21 14:52:35 | Source:Telecompaper

South Koreas mobile operator SK Telecom will build a traffic system powered by its 5G network in Seoul, The Korea Times reports. SK Telecom and the Seoul Metropolitan Government will start testing a project dubbed Cooperative-Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS), designed to construct advanced transportation infrastructure combined with communications technologies by end-2020. Overall investments in the project are expected to reach KRW 25.4 billion (approximately USD 23 million). 

SK Telecom will install 5G sensors at major roads in Seoul and offer 5G telecommunications terminal equipment to buses and taxis. SK Telecom will also build a control center to collect data and deliver safety-related information. Buses and taxis equipped with 5G devices will communicate with stations and traffic lights to collect data. SK Telecom and the Seoul Metropolitan Government will analyze the data and deliver notifications to buses and taxis if any dangerous factors are detected. The information is also delivered to general cars through SK Telecom’s T Map navigation app, in an attempt to reduce the risk of accidents. 

SK Telecom said the whole process takes less than 0.01 seconds under the 5G environment, and will help drivers respond more promptly to any dangerous situation. Once the C-ITS is deployed, about 30 new services will be available to raise safety. For example, the system sends a warning to drivers about pedestrians who jaywalk even in bad weather conditions or at night. The system also delivers information of accidents and warns other cars of steep curves to prevent accidents involving a pile-up. Other functions include the detection of road potholes caused by heavy rain. 

SK Telecom and the Seoul Metropolitan Government also plan to create a test bed to verify autonomous driving technology within the first half of the year at the Sangam Digital Media Center (DMC) area in western Seoul. Using that test bed, self-driving cars and general cars will drive together. SK Telecom’s self-driving cars will be available for the public to ride around DMC station in June.

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