Altair TD-LTE Multi-Mode MIFI ALM-F190


Vendor: Altair


Chipset Platform: Altair

Manufacturer: Asiatelco Technologies Co.


Support 3GPP LTE category 3
Support 802.11 b/g/n
Support modem mode and WiFi mode
Support up to 5 WiFi connections
Support LED indicator
Support Multi mode(TD-LTE,FDD-LTE,TD-SCDMA)
Operates TD-LTE Band38, band 39, band40, FDD-LTE band 7
High Speed Data Rate(TDD): 100Mbps on DL and 50Mbps on UL(TDD coefficient to be multiplied) ²High Speed Data Rate(FDD):  100Mbps on DL and 100Mbps on UL
Support 1.4MHz,3MHz,5MHz,10MHz,15MHz,20MHz band width
USB 2.0 Interface
Support USIM
Support 4X2 MIMO
Support auto run
Support connection manager
Support OS: Windows XP above SP3, Window 7, Vista, Linux 2.6, MAC

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