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3.5GHz TD-LTE Operator Session
2015-03-20 | Source:GTI


The 3.5 GHz TD-LTE Operator Session demonstrated that adoption of this band for TD-LTE is growing all the time. There are now 9 3.5GHz TD-LTE commercial networks and 28 3.5GHz TD-LTE networks in progress. More operators are making the transition from WiMAX to LTE.

Network rollout has begun in Japan following the award of 3.5GHz TDD spectrum to three operators. According to the speaker from Softbank, tests have shown that this spectrum is particularly suitable for dense urban areas and may be more cost effective than 2.6 GHz spectrum. Meanwhile, a large trial will be underway this year in China and China plans to assign 3.4-3.6GHz band (TDD) in 2015.

Device and chipset manufacturers indicated over 30 CPE devices exist already and that the band will be widely available in handset terminals from 2016 with a couple appearing in 2015. Demand is growing for the ecosystem to develop more rapidly and operators hope that prices will come down further.

Let’s say, 2015 will be the year of 3.5GHz TD-LTE, which means that anyone planning a roll-out today can be pretty confident on a rich choice of CPE devices and handsets by the time their network is ready for service!

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