IoT and MIoT Market Analysis, Service and Application Whitepaper

Report in Collaboration with the GSMA Highlights Best Practice from National 5G Plans

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Executive Summary 

Terminology and Abbreviation   

1.Premium Insights   

1.1 Worldwide IoT Forecast   
1.2 IoT Ecosystem   
1.3 IoT Phases

2.Market Analysis 

2.1 Drivers and Constraints   
2.2 Industry Trends   
2.3 Market Analysis by Platform, Software Solution, Service and Application   
2.4 Mobile IoT Market by Industry   
2.6 Mobile IoT Market by Region

3.Growth Opportunities for Service Providers 

3.1 Industry Value Chain for IoT and Mobile IoT   
3.2 Growth Opportunities for Service Providers  

4.IoT Use Cases   

4.1 Connected Vehicle   
4.2 Connected Urban Transport   
4.3 Telematics Robotic Surgery   
4.4 Realistic Sports Experience   
4.5Smart Payment   
4.6 Smart Cargo   
4.7 Fleet Management   
4.8 Smart Integrated system at Airport   
4.9 Bag Tracking    40
4.10 Smart Lighting   
4.11 Smart Parking   
4.12 Smart Service Vehicle   
4.13 Connected Car   
4.14 Smart Health Care   
4.15 Smart Water Meter   
4.16 Connected Cow   
4.17 Connected Biosensor   

5.Market Risks


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