GTI 5G Network Security Consideration white paper v1.1

Report in Collaboration with the GSMA Highlights Best Practice from National 5G Plans

2019-02-21 18:38:18 | Source:

1 Executive Summary

2 Abbreviations

3 References

4 Background

5 5G Security Enhancement

5.1 Authentication and Authorization
5.2 Data Security Protection
5.3 Privacy Protection Enhancement

6 5G Security Requirement

6.1 Enhanced capabilities to mitigate Internet attacks
6.2 More flexible security requirements
6.3 New Security Requirements introduced by virtualization
6.4 Requirements of Security Capabilities exposure

7 5G Security Solution

7.1 Network Security Architecture
7.2 Provides Flexible Security Capabilities Based on Slicing
7.3 Improve NFV Security System
7.4 Build Security Capabilities Exposure Platform
7.5 Secure O&M for Internet of Things Services
7.6 AI and Big Data Application

8 Conclusion


GTI 5G Network Security Consideration white paper v1.1a58c4ba5d092a9cd1adfbbe0142d1743.jpg

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