GTI 5G MEC White Paper_v1.0

Report in Collaboration with the GSMA Highlights Best Practice from National 5G Plans

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1 Abbreviations

2 Overview

3 References

4 5G MEC Industry Progress
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Standard Progress
4.3 Business value and market demand
4.4 MEC industry chain
4.5 MEC business progress

5 MEC Target Network Architecture in 5G
5.1 5G Overall Network Architecture
5.2 5G MEC overall deployment recommendations
5.3 5G MEC development solution in 5GC
5.4 5G MEC management and orchestration solution
5.5 5G MEC Network Capability Openness

6 MEC Key Solution and Innovation
6.1 ETSI MEC reference archtecture
6.2 MEC Virtualization Solution
6.3 5G MEC security solution
6.4 5G MEC hardware acceleration solution
6.5 Mobility management of edge services in 5G network
6.6 5G MEC charging solution

7 Use Case and Trial
7.1 VR Cloud Gaming
7.2 TCP Optimization base on MEC
7.3 Smart factory base on MEC
7.4 Smart hospital base on MEC
7.5 Smart port base on MEC
7.6 Smart Refinery base on MEC

8 Summary


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