[NEW]GTI Built-in Security for Telecommunication Networks White Paper-v0.1 01 st / 09 / 2021

Based on current 5G network security status and requirements from telecom operators, this white paper provides an overview of the goals and the architecture of 5G endogenous security, its capabilities and key requirements. Conclusions are made to telecom operators and equipment vendors on effective collaboration to promote the development and adoption of 5G endogenous security.

GTI Security Guidelines for 5G-Enabled Vertical Industries_v1.0 04 th / 08 / 2021

This white paper analyzes differentiated cyber security risks and security solutions in the context of such 5G application scenarios as manufacturing, energy, and ports, aiming to guide vertical industries on how to build and deploy appropriate cyber security capabilities, while also improving the security level of 5G applications.

GTI 5G MEC Security White Paper_v1.0 27 th / 07 / 2021

This white paper shows that MEC is most typically employed for smart factory, smart grid, smart driving, healthcare, entertainment, and digital media scenarios, and these industries represent the largest potential future markets for MEC.

GTI 5G Device Function and Performance Test Specification_v4.1 02 nd / 04 / 2021

This specification targets enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB) scenario for 5G Sub-6GHz Chipset, Module and Device products testing. It not only stipulates the 5G device function and performance test in lab for NSA Mode (Option 3/3a/3x) and SA (Option 2), but also provides evaluation criteria for basic functions and performance in the 5G test.

GTI 5G Smart Devices Supporting Network Slicing White Paper 15 th / 01 / 2021

This white paper focuses on the application of network slicing in 5G devices, and analyzes the unique technical capability and service advantages of network slicing service. It introduces not only the challenges faced by the characteristics of network slicing in the design and technical implementation of system, but also a variety of reference architectures and technical design schemes for network slicing in the devices, and proposes that 5G devices should support "the target scheme of network slicing in the devices" and "modem centralization scheme".

GTI 5G Intelligent Network White Paper_v1.0 20 th / 11 / 2020

This white paper mainly focuses on the 5G Intelligent Network. Combined with standardization status, it analyses a serious of practical use cases, intelligent network levels, intelligent network architectures of the representative use cases, and general function requirements on intelligent network elements and intelligent network management are presented as well.

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