GTI NB-IoT Module Test Specification_v2.0.0 20 th / 02 / 2019

The first version of this specification was released in June 2017. This new version is mainly to include the test cases towards NB-IoT R14 features. It specifies the NB-IoT module testing, including connectivity testing, power consumption testing, RF performance testing and positioning testing.

GTI 5G Sky Office Whitepaper_ v1.1 20 th / 02 / 2019

This whitepaper provides an overview of 5G market status, focusing on laptop market and office software support. According to the observation of potential market demand, the concept and objective of sky office are given.

GTI 5G S-Module Whitepaper_v1.1 20 th / 02 / 2019

This whitepaper mainly focuses on the 5G S-Module and has been carried out in several sections in turn. Combined with the standardization status and the industry status of 5G S-Module, the whitepaper analyses the basic functions requirements, the hardware technical requirements, the electrical interface technical requirements, test & certification and the typical technical solutions for 5G S-Module.

GTI 5G Device Function and Performance Test Specification-v1.0 20 th / 02 / 2019

This specification targets enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB) scenario for 5G Sub-6GHz Chipset, Module and Device products testing. It stipulates the 5G device function and performance test in lab for NSA Mode (Option 3/3a/3x) and SA (Option 2).

GTI Sub-6GHz 5G Pre-Commercial White Paper (v1.1) 19 th / 02 / 2019

This white paper will serve as a platform to share and present the results of the test and the strategies of the 
deployment, thus provide a reference to industry partners, so as to jointly promote the 5G industry maturity, drive 
its scale commercialization, and embrace the property of 5G ecosystem.

GTI Security Test Guide for IoT Device 12 th / 02 / 2019

This document is to enable the suppliers of IoT products, services and components to assess the conformance of their products, services and components to the GTI Security test Guide for IoT device. Completing a GTI Security Assessment will allow an entity to demonstrate the security measures they have taken to protect their products.

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