GTI 5G Smart Devices Supporting Network Slicing White Paper 15 th / 01 / 2021

This white paper focuses on the application of network slicing in 5G devices, and analyzes the unique technical capability and service advantages of network slicing service. It introduces not only the challenges faced by the characteristics of network slicing in the design and technical implementation of system, but also a variety of reference architectures and technical design schemes for network slicing in the devices, and proposes that 5G devices should support "the target scheme of network slicing in the devices" and "modem centralization scheme".

GTI 5G Intelligent Network White Paper_v1.0 20 th / 11 / 2020

This white paper mainly focuses on the 5G Intelligent Network. Combined with standardization status, it analyses a serious of practical use cases, intelligent network levels, intelligent network architectures of the representative use cases, and general function requirements on intelligent network elements and intelligent network management are presented as well.

GTI Research Report on 5G Industry Access Gateway_v1.0.0 20 th / 11 / 2020

This research report puts forward the concept of industry access gateway, discusses the technical specifications of access gateway used in industry and enterprise, and makes suggestions on the application mode and test content of access gateway in typical application scenarios of smart park, smart factory and smart port.

GTI Research Report on 5G Handheld Device for Vertical Industry_v1.0.0 20 th / 11 / 2020

This research report puts forward the industry-oriented concept of 5G handheld terminals, and discusses the technical specifications and industrial applications of corresponding handheld terminals in public security, industrial and enterprise fields.

GTI 5G Device Function and Performance Test Specification_v4.0 20 th / 11 / 2020

This specification provides evaluation criteria for basic functions and performance in the 5G test. Considering various test requirements, specific test cases and methods are designed, together with the basic requirements for each test category, number of test devices, and tailored agreements.

GTI White Paper of Value of 5G High Uplink in Industrial Digitalization 18 th / 11 / 2020

This white paper analyzes the requirements of service processes and connections for 5G as well as 5G's value in the first-batch demonstration industries, including port, steel, and mining, based on China Mobile's and Huawei's exploration. Suggestions are also provided on how to improve the uplink bandwidth capabilities of current networks.

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