GTI 5G Network Architecture and Capability Customization for ENS White Paper 08 th / 05 / 2020

This white paper indicates that as 5G technologies mature, an increasing number of vertical industries are becoming aware of the fact that industry-specific private 5G networks will aid their digitalization and industry upgrade, helping the enterprises meet the needs of a faster and more diverse market.

GTI Wireless Solution for 5G ENS White Paper 08 th / 05 / 2020

This white paper summarizes differentiated network requirements of industry customers, proposes three types of wireless enterprise network solutions, and describes and analyzes the network architecture, network performance (coverage, performance, reliability, and isolation), application scenarios, and industry conditions.

GTI Security Consideration for 5G Smart City Whitepaper 16 th / 03 / 2020

This whitepaper focuses on the potential security threats and challenges brought by the application of 5G technologies to Smart City, and the security capabilities required to address these threats.


Report in Collaboration with the GSMA Highlights Best Practice from National 5G Plans
Countries must step up their efforts to facilitate the 5G era by backing more supportive policies, according to a new GTI study, produced in collaboration with the GSMA.
The Report, ‘Supportive Policies for a Sustainable Mobile Industry in the 5G Era’, calls for governments to play their part in helping operators overcome the new challenges they are facing. These include the high costs incurred by the demands for more spectrum; the heavy financial barriers to network deployment; collaboration with diverse vertical industries as well as national broadband strategies and regulations.

GTI NSA Commercial Network Deployment White Paper V2.0 11 th / 02 / 2020

This white paper will serve as a platform to share and present the results of the test and the strategies of the 5G NSA commercial network deployment, parameters and performance optimization experience, thus provide a reference to industry partners, so as to jointly promote the 5G industry maturity, accelerate its scale commercialization and evolution to SA, and embrace the property of 5G ecosystem.

GTI URLLC Evaluation White Paper (Phase I) 03 rd / 12 / 2019

This whitepaper will be released in two phases. Phase1 will focus on two pre-commercial vertical scenarios (RMG in port which is a typical outdoor case and AGV in factory which is a typical indoor case) and pre-commercial product realization, frequency band, duplex mode, etc.; the output will be in two dimensions (Network capability is evaluated by given Inter-site Distance and number of station is calculated by given requirements). Phase2 will involve more vertical uses cases which operators and vendors have great interest in, such as AR/VR, gaming, and so on; and more simulation assumptions will be adopted, such as new frequency band, new frame structure, etc.

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