GTI Test Solution for MIoT Terminal-Vehicle Detector in Intelligent Parking System V1.0.0-r1 23 rd / 06 / 2019

This is a new test specification which defines the function and performance test solution for Vehicle Detector in Intelligent Parking System.

GTI 5G Device Function and Performance Test Specification-v2.0 23 rd / 06 / 2019

This specification targets enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB) scenario for 5G Sub-6GHz Chipset, Module and Device products testing. It stipulates the 5G device function and performance test in lab for NSA Mode (Option 3/3a/3x) and SA (Option 2).

GTI TDD Spectrum Whitepaper v4.0 23 rd / 06 / 2019

This white paper summarizes the advantage of TDD spectrum, the driving force of TDD network rapid deployment and the acceleration of 5G-Oriented TDD spectrum allocation, in order to provide information and suggestions for facilitating the efficient utilization and fast deployment of TD-LTE globally and smooth evolution to 5G NR.

GTI 5G S-Module Whitepaper_v2.0 23 rd / 06 / 2019

This white paper provides a technical overview of the 5G Superior Universal Module, which is known as “5G S-Module”. It covers the industry status, the requirement, and the technology for 5G S-Module.

GTI Best Practice for FOTA of NB-IoT Device_V1.0 23 rd / 06 / 2019

The white paper analyses the FOTA requirements of NB-IoT devices, the challenges and chances for FOTA based on the NB-IoT network, and proposes an end-to-end FOTA solution and reference implementation of NB-IoT devices based on LwM2M, including the architecture and implementation of incremental image generation, firmware image download process, breakpoint continuation and state machine.

GTI LTE, 5G NR Private Networks Whitepaper v1.0 23 rd / 06 / 2019

This white paper provides a technical overview on the LTE and 5G NR “Private Networks” opportunity. The paper discusses gaps in standards that may still hinder the development of private networks, possible deployment issues and ways to enable LTE and 5G NR “private wireless networks”.

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