Dr. Soo-Jung Shin

Report in Collaboration with the GSMA Highlights Best Practice from National 5G Plans

2021-07-06 11:58:23 | Source:

Dr. Soo-Jung Shin
SEVP & Head of Enterprise Group

Dr. Soo-Jung Shin, SEVP & Head of Enterprise Group of KT, shared his views on the opportunities and challenges that telecommunication companies face in the 5G B2B market. He said, there are difficulties that need to be overcome for full scale activation of 5G B2B, such as clear customer value is not provided, the slow development of devices and application services, many companies perceive 5G as a simple network rather than a platform.


In response to this, KT is driving 5G B2B Plan based on three axes: value creation based on differential technology, partnership and platformization.


First, KT is actively developing differential technologies so that customers can use value added 5G; Second, KT tries to build 5G B2B ecosystem for infra expansion; Finally, KT is continuing to fuse digital technology, like AI, BigData and cloud, based on 5G, and to support the acceleration of digital transformation in various areas such as manufacturing, medical care and transportation.

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