Mr. Liu Jian

Report in Collaboration with the GSMA Highlights Best Practice from National 5G Plans

2021-07-06 12:03:00 | Source:

Mr. Liu Jian
General Manager of Enterprise Division
China Mobile

Mr. Liu Jian, General Manager of Enterprise Division of China Mobile, delivered a keynote speech titled “Build New Cornerstone of 5G Digitalization, and Forge the Future of Industrial Digitalization”. He noted, China Mobile continues to promote the "5G+" Plan. It has been promoting coordinated development of 5G+4G, converged innovation of 5G+AICDE, co-construction of 5G+ Ecology, and 5G+X application extension as a critical path, to build 5G premium network, new 5G capability system, 5G innovation ecosystem, and carry out 5G industry innovation.


The application of 5G in industries has accelerated the in-depth integration of OT, IT, and CT. It not only reshaped the industry structure, but also provided new opportunities for operators’ transformation and upgrading. China Mobile adheres to the strategy of integrated development of "Network + Cloud + DICT". China Mobile continuously expanded new capabilities by building 5G premium enterprise networks for industry customers, creating Cloud OS in the era of cloud networking, and launching industry-deep-dived end-to-end DICT solutions to accelerate its integration into various industries.

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