Mr. Gao Tongqing

Report in Collaboration with the GSMA Highlights Best Practice from National 5G Plans

2021-07-06 11:50:44 | Source:

Mr. Gao Tongqing
Executive Vice President
China Mobile

Mr. Gao Tongqing, Executive Vice President of China Mobile, remarked in his opening note that this June marks the second anniversary of China’s 5G commercial license issuance. The rapid development of 5G industry is attributable to the joint promotion and efforts of global industry partners.


Since 5G commercialization, China Mobile has been carrying out in-depth implementation of the “5G+” Plan. As of May this year, it had completed construction of 460,000 5G base stations, the number of 5G package plan users reached 220 million, and a quality 5G network of advanced technology that covered the entire country had been built. 5G is changing the life of the Chinese people, improving social governance level, and bringing profound changes for the transformation and development of all industries.


Mr. Gao also noted that industry innovations brought by any new technology will not be accomplished at one stroke. The journey of integrating 5G into all industries is not always so smooth either. On the one hand, there are still issues like high power consumption and high cost in the development of 5G, and on the other hand, 5G integration into all industries is facing challenges including insufficient cross-industry collaboration.


In the critical period of accelerated advancement of global 5G scale development and industry digitalization transformation, China Mobile is willing to actively share its experiences and contribute solutions, reach consensus with global industries through open-up and cooperation, and jointly promote “5G Reshape Industries”.


To this end, Mr. Gao put forward four proposals: 


Firstly, in order for the 5G network to meet industry demands, jointly drive technological upgrade and capability improvement.

Secondly, concerning the integration of 5G into industry digital transformation, jointly develop global standards and global schemes.

Thirdly, for the scale development of 5G industry application, jointly create global templates and global demonstration.

Fourthly, in reducing the 5G industry application cost, jointly realize global scale and global effect.

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