Continuing TD-LTE Evolution and Global Commercialization


GTI 2.0 will continually promote TD-LTE evolution and global commercialization through a series of substantial work in three areas--spectrum, technology and commercialization.


Facilitate TDD Spectrum Allocation and Efficient Utilization

  • Objective
  • Obtain New TDD


  • Spectrum Global


  • Large Contiguous Bandwidth
    Spectrum Release



Spectrum always plays a central role for mobile communication. Bands below 6GHz are the core spectrum bands used for IMT today, with C band being a key band for TDD. To meet the extensive growth in data traffic, the potential candidate frequency bands of TDD spectrum, including both sub-6GHz and above 6GHz bands, are abundant.


GTI has released several White Papers of spectrum to solve key issues and make a better guidance of industry. Additionally, Spectrum Database is constructed to retrieve the global TD-LTE spectrum data.


Expand TDD Market and Ensure Commercial Success from 4G to 5G

Despite the fact that TD-LTE and LTE TDD/FDD have been widely adopted and commercialized on a global scale, to further expand TDD market and ensure smooth evolution towards 5G, GTI will continue to facilitate innovation in network deployment and operation, and business models and monetization for successful commercialization.

By the end of Q4 in 2017, 111 TD-LTE commercial networks had been launched in 58 counties and 134 networks were under planning in 71 countries.
Lack of wide adoption and commercialization of converged LTE TDD/FDD
Lack of diversified services and applications to customers and yet lucrative to operators
Lack of ways to reduce cost in deployment and operation as 4G evolves to 5G
Lack of sufficient funding to keep business running
Encourage MORE converged LTE TDD/FDD deployment and operation
Promote MORE Innovative business models, services and applications
Strive for LESS CAPEX and infra re-use to achieve sustainable development
Provide MORE financial support and interaction with investors
Industry Briefing published every quarter present the latest progress of TD-LTE industry. And the global TD-LTE commercialization statistics can be found in LTE Market Database.
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