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Report in Collaboration with the GSMA Highlights Best Practice from National 5G Plans

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After comprehensive evaluation on contribution to 4G evolution and 5G development , a total of 4 operators , 7 industrial partners and 3 individuals across terminal, chipsets, network infrastructures, test systems and verticals have stood out and won GTI Awards.


Innovative Breakthrough in Mobile Technology Award


Ericsson RAN Compute Products Portfolio
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RAN Compute Products portfolio


Ericsson RAN Compute products portfolio including baseband product families and radio families, together with Ericsson Spectrum Sharing (ESS) technology and solution, enables operators a smooth migration to NR in LTE bands and provides network wide 5G coverage. It supports 4G/5G dual standard baseband and radio processing based on common digital and radio platform. Operators could just turn on 5G via software upgrade in the current radio base station sites. Ericsson cooperates with CMCC with this technology in field trial in Band 41 and will pave the way to get high efficient spectrum usage to enable load balance between TD-LTE and 5G NR network.





Huawei Balong 5000

Balong 5000


Balong 5000 is an advanced 7nm multi-mode 5G modem chipset that supports 2G/3G/4G/5G networks on a single chip. It also supports Sub6GHz 200MHz@2CC, 3GPP NR Band N41/77/78/79, NSA&SA network architecture and HPUE@N41 and UL 2Tx. Balong 5000 achieves world’s fastest download rate of 6.4Gbps in the millimeter wave (mmWave) frequency bands and 4.6Gbps in the Sub6GHz frequency bands. Also Balong 5000 is the world’s first 7nm multi-mode 5G modem chipset and support NSA&SA in single chipset.


With leading 5G speed, Balong 5000 brings best communication experience for all scenarios. It explored how to provide stable and smooth communication experiences in all scenarios, such as high-speed railways, subways, highways, and dense business districts. Balong 5000 has flexible network architecture that supports NSA&SA in single chipset, meeting various 5G deployment scenarios of operators and accelerates 5G commercial process, and is the world’s first full spectrum access to TDD&FDD band. Meanwhile, Balong 5000 supports Sub6GHz 200MHz@2CC CA large bandwidth, providing users with higher download and upload rates. In the first quarter of 2019, the CPE based on Balong 5000 started to join CMCC 5G trial test and promoted the maturity of 5G industry.




Keysight E7515B Network Emulation Solution
E7515B.pngE7515B-2.png E7515B-3.png

E7515B Network Emulation Solution


Keysight’s 5G Network Emulation Solutions, which are widely adopted across the mobile ecosystem and allow users to cost-effectively validate multi-radio access technology (RAT) designs on a single platform, are built on the E7515B UXM 5G Wireless Test Platform – a highly-integrated signaling test platform with multi-format stack support, rich processing power and abundant RF resources. The solutions span and connect the entire device workflow from R&D and design validation, to conformance verification, carrier acceptance and manufacturing. The integrated software-centric approach, with a common scripting engine, 5G stack and advanced analysis tools allows users to eliminate disconnected workflows across the device ecosystem and between teams to achieve more cost-efficient test methods. Exploit a high level of flexibility and control to fast-track test case creation and gain deeper insights from your analysis processes.




Optus Dual-Band 5G
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Dual-band 5G


Optus is the only operator in Australia to currently have access to both 2300MHz and 3500MHz spectrum in Australian capital cities. Late last year Optus successfully established an end-to-end 5G data call over its 2300MHz spectrum in partnership with Ericsson. Optus has already launched 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) and Mobility in select areas of Australia in the 3500 MHz band. The Dual Band Massive MIMO AAS introduced in Optus supports n78 and B40/n40. The antenna is a major step forward for Massive MIMO technology by supporting two bands in one AAS. The consolidation of two bands into one AAS significantly improves the deploy-ability of 2300MHz band as the second 5G mid band with its compact design and improved aesthetics compared to two units of AAS. The Optus solution has displayed innovation via the consolidation of two TDD mid bands within one Advance Antenna System package with new design techniques to ensure sufficient antenna isolation. Consolidation of two TDD mid bands into one AAS allows for swift deployment of a second 5G mid band to further improve 5G mid band coverage and potentially more than double the speed of Optus’ 5G service. The Dual Band Massive MIMO AAS’s compact design compared to two units of single band Massive MIMO AAS will lead to significant improvement in how we roll out our 5G network helping to accelerate the deployment of a second 5G mid band to improve customer experience in terms of both coverage and capacity.




Qorvo Fusion 5G Chipset Solution
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Fusion 5G chipset solution


Qorvo’s Fusion 5G chipset solution is a ground-breaking innovation in RF chipsets enabling compact, high-performance 5G functionality while balancing cost of implementation to support fast and broad roll-out of the new standard. Qorvo’s Fusion 5G chipset consists of the QM77040 mid-high band PA module with integrated duplexers (PAMiD), the QM77032 low-band PAMiD, QM75041 n41 PA module with integrated filtering (PAMiF), QM78200 n77/78 PA module with filtering and LNA integrated (L-PAMiF), and QM78201 n79 (L-PAMiF).

The QM77040 MHB PAMiD provides primary transmit and receives function for 4G/5G bands between 1.7 and 2.7 GHz. It supports critical n1 and n41 bands with excellent linearity under complex modulation and bandwidths as high as 100 MHz as well as high power output necessary in early network phases. The QM77032 provides primary transmit and receive function for 4G bands between 600 MHz and 1 GHz and important legacy 2G functionality in all necessary bands. The QM75041 provides key primary transmit and receive function for n41 in support of both EN-DC and full SA operation including dual 5G uplink.  The QM78200 and QM78201 provide primary transmit and receive function for new 5G bands n77/78 and n79 respectively.




Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, W2020 5G


Innovative Mobile Service and Application Award


Optus,Nokia 5G FWA Home Broadband Solution and Service
FWA 1.jpgFWA 2.jpg

5G FWA Home Broadband solution and service

Optus, Nokia

Optus is proud to provide one of the first 5G Fixed Wireless Access production solutions globally, offering high-speed wireless broadband access to homes and small businesses in Optus 5G coverage areas. Our competitively priced 5G Home Broadband offers a 50Mbps minimum speed guarantee and customer feedback to date has been incredibly positive with average speeds in excess of 160Mbps during peak times, with peak speeds close to 400Mbps. More than 190,000 households are currently eligible for Optus’ 5G FWA service. Using the Nokia FastMile 5G Gateway, the solution comprises a single, high-gain indoor device that connects wirelessly to the mobile network. It supports both 5G and 4G so that customers can experience the best possible in-premise WiFi service - by utilizing the best quality signals received. The plug-and-play solution is quick and easy to install without the need for appointments and truck rolls. The device uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to help customers identify the right location in their premises to achieve the best wireless broadband performance. Additionally, to help customers easily set up the device at home Optus developed the Optus@Home app which assists customers in selecting the best location to set up their new device in their home. Being the first communications service provider in Australia to introduce 5G FWA commercially, we collaborated with Nokia in February 2019 to conduct the one of the world’s first live 5G FWA network trials using the FastMile 5G Gateway (device) for select residential customers in Australia. The Optus 5G “Home Broadband” service was then commercially launched in November 2019. The FastMile 5G Gateway maximizes spectral assets with the industry’s highest gain (11dBi) antenna to deliver the best available in-premise wireless broadband performance. When compared to traditional solutions, the 5G Gateway delivers up to twice the indoor coverage, three times the downlink capacity and five times the uplink capacity. The unique, self-aligning, directive antenna helps avoid WiFi interference from other devices in the premises. This high performance and hassle-free 5G Home Broadband service plays a key role in enabling our customers to receive a 5G video experience that is unparalleled. It also provides home office and small business customers with a higher quality broadband experience enabling enhanced applications - delivering increased productivity and a superior user experience.




STC The Hajj Digital Bracelet System
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The Hajj Digital Bracelet system


Motivated by Saudi vision 2030 and guided by its pioneering “DARE” Strategy, STC is committed to maintaining its lead in the digital transformation race. By implementing a digital solution for the Hajj and Umrah, STC is capitalizing on new and innovative IoT capabilities and focusing on utilizing its technical capabilities and resources. The “The Hajj Digital Bracelet system” encompasses multiple solutions, seamlessly integrated to give a better hajj experience. The system was customized and used on STC’s own “IoT platform”. Subsequently, with persistent effort, it was possible to receive readings from the bracelet. This includes information such as: Heartbeats, battery level, location, etc. The collected data was subsequently used to create a solution where we could monitor and provide the appropriate support. Furthermore, STC developed a mobile application with one of its IT partners that allows the user to simply scan his/her watch, using a smartphone with NFC reading capability. This information enabled the user to display personal data or group and companions’ current location and how to find them.




Turkcell Location-based Smart Deployment Digital Service
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Location-based Smart Deployment Digital Service


Turkcell is rapidly expanding its FWA service – “Superbox” – with one key strategy from a network point of view: Maximizing the return of investment by increasing overall network utilization. To achieve this goal, a “Location-based Smart Deployment Digital Service” has been developed. It is a unique end-to-end solution, which is based on location-based analytics of network data, and also site measurements performed over a Mobile application. Smart Deployment Digital Service caused $34M additional revenue by utilizing network where the cells are under-utilized, thus increasing network efficiency without any additional investment. Turkcell has been achieving big success with Superbox creating new market and gaining from other ISP DSL customers to Superbox. The ARPU of the Superbox is nearly 2 times more than Fiber-DSL ARPU. Superbox has already reached 350K customers. Smart Deployment Digital Service has played a big positive role behind this success and customer satisfaction. The solution is flexible and customizable to adapt the requirements of different services. It can also be transformed to cover new technologies like 5G.




ZTE 5G Smart Retail Application

5G smart retail application


Suning is the one of the largest online and offline retailers in China. Suning and ZTE Jointly Exploring New Trends in the Retail Industry in the 5G Era. In 2019, we have cooperated with China Mobile to provide E2E 5G + smart retail solutions for Suning e-commerce and Suning logistics to provide more professional solutions to solve the problems in O2O Retail industry. We have completed the intelligent management and service construction tasks of digital stores based on 5G and MEC, completed the intelligent management and service upgrading of Suning store, and promoted the digital transformation of store "consumers、goods and store "; 5G unmanned delivery vehicle used high-resolution cameras and sensors to automatically avoid obstacles and pedestrians which plan their paths solving the problems of high labor costs and low user privacy in the logistics industry. In the 5G logistics and warehousing phase, plan transportation lines freely to improve sorting efficiency.5G technology is used to provide navigation through laser + visual SLAM to avoid obstacles and Change the way that AGV and Unmanned forklift relies on QR code navigation in the current phase. The 5G technology improves the sorting efficiency of the logistics warehouse by 60% and the flexibility by 100%. It solves the problem of high manpower cost. A store no longer relies on manual delivery. A 5G drone is equivalent to 2 express dispatchers. It is estimated that a national small store in Suning can save over 10 million CNY of expenditure a month.





Market Development Award


Bharti Airtel
Bharti Airtel

Airtel is in its twenty fifth year of operations. From a small single circle company it was in 1995 to world’s third largest operator in 2015 the journey has been eventful. There have been path breaking shifts from the classical telco operating model, be it outsourcing its network to the partners, pioneering infrastructure sharing, creating passive infrastructure business, which have shaped and impacted the industry in a way no other company has been able to. Airtel has always collaborated with leading network solution provider to pioneer new technology in India. Airtel is leading the industry in evolution of LTE TDD towards 5G, with key highlights as follows: Development & deployment of ducting feature in TDD networks, to ensure minimum impact to customer experience & network capacity. Airtel developed the feature with all four network partners and has deployed this at scale in Indian network spanning more than 120K TDD sites. Airtel worked with all four OEMs to develop D-SON based feature in eNB to mitigate ducting impact. This feature is based on artificial intelligence in the eNB by which they are able to detect presence of ducting across clusters and identify aggressor cells which are contributing to ducting in the network. The feature has helped in improving user throughput up to 20%, increasing payload by 10% and reducing customer complaints during non-ducting period (where earlier the site still used to work on SSF5) Stretching limit of spectral efficiency in TDD & FDD spectrum to get better capacity and user experience in market where user density per MHz of spectrum is maximum across the globe Worked with our OEM partners to optimize resource utilization across traffic (PRB) and control channels (CCE) to increase spectral efficiency by 20% while maintaining or improving user experience. India’s mass scale Massive MIMO across multiple network partners Worked on building in-house ML which takes multiple parameters for massive MIMO site planning such as UE distribution, SRS-NI feedback, CQI samples, # of RRC users, payload etc. to identify optimal sites as best candidates for mMIMO deployments. Working with partner operators like CMCC to contribute ducting solution into 3GPP standards for TDD deployments in 4G /5G.





With Unique E2E 5G Products including RAN, Core, Devices and Chipsets, Huawei now is number one in the world in 5G commercial deployments. As of December 2019, Huawei has signed 80+ global commercial 5G contracts, supported 41 of 61 commercially launched 5G networks, and shipped 500,000+ 5G modules. Together with GTI, Huawei has actively promoted the 5G end-to-end maturity in terms of standard, spectrum, terminal, application development and industry exploration, thus to build a healthy 5G ecosystem. Since 2009 Huawei has focused on 5G middle-frequency large bandwidth strategy and has consistently reduced cost per bit. Together with GTI, Huawei has actively promoted the evolution of TDD spectrum to 5G, including C-Band, 2.6GHz, and 2.3GHz etc. Moreover, Huawei continues to actively participate in 5G standards development. Up to now, Huawei has contributed 3,371 essential 5G patents to ETSI, accounting for 20% of the global 5G submission count. In addition, Huawei has actively promoted the diversification of 5G terminals, and supported GTI Terminal Alliance to promote the E2E maturity of 2.6G and 2.3G. With these industry promotion and achievement throughout 2019, Huawei has helped operators from South Korea, Europe, Middle East and China to launch their 5G Commercials services. In China, Huawei has helped China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom activate the world’s largest 5G network. 5G services are now live in 50 cities across the country, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen. In Middle East, Huawei has helped 9 operators to deploy 5G network, mainly for FWA services where we have seen impressive growth in DOU. Across Europe, Huawei has helped 22 operators to launch 5G commercial networks, where user experiences have greatly been improved. In addition, Huawei’s advanced technology provides the best network performance, expanding the reach and use of mobile technology. For Consumer, Huawei has helped operators to provide consumers with 5G average single-user rate around 500 Mbps and peak-rate up to 1.1Gbps, ranking first compared with competing carriers, over 20 times of improvement compared with 4G average rate 20Mbps. In addition, Huawei’s 5G Massive-MIMO enabled VR/AR and 8K high definition watching experiences, offering gamers ultimate experience. For example, in LG U+ network, the arrival of optimized 5G in operators’ networks has led to a surge in AR/VR users from thousands to 500,000+. The average monthly data usage has risen from 9GB to 70GB. For Household, Huawei supplied Sunrise, Rain, 3 Kuwait and more carrier’s 5G FWA deployment, which will connect the unconnected and enhance the penetration rate of home connection. For example, the penetration of fiber to home in Kuwait is only 10%. With 5G FWA, connections can be provided to 90% + households and most of small to medium-sized enterprises, achieving average 400Mbps, delivering IPTV, VR and other experiences. For Industry, Huawei continues its active participation in industry alliances including: ETSI, CCSA, GSA, 5GACIA, 5GAA, etc. so that 5G can better serve the industrial digital transformation.





Honorary Award


Kevin Walsh Skyworks Solutions

Kevin Walsh

Skyworks Solutions

Kevin Walsh is vice president of mobile product marketing for Skyworks Solutions, Inc. He joined the company in 2009 and is currently responsible for the 5G mobile RF front-end (RFFE) platforms and roadmaps – having been involved with every major RFFE transition from 3G to 4G, and now to 5G.   Since joining Skyworks, Mr. Walsh has driven to create market leading solutions supported by the industry’s most talented team of marketing, sales, designers and system architects. Prior to joining Skyworks, Mr. Walsh has held a variety of positions in product marketing at RFMD, IBM and Siemens Microelectronics.   Mr. Walsh received a bachelor’s of science degree in solid state electronics and microwave engineering from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and graduate work in marketing management from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.    Since joining GTI, Mr. Walsh has tirelessly advocated advancing key RFFE concepts through commercialization beginning with multimode multiband LTE RFFE, TD-LTE ultra-high band modules, NB-IoT contributions, and most recently dual band 5GNR n77 (n78)/n79 PAMiF modules with integrated SRS switching among many other efforts. This year, Mr. Walsh’s contributions include a research report on 5G device RF component and mmWave RF implications, as well as workshops and technical speeches on Wi-Fi/n79 co-existence solution. Mr. Walsh is always keen to discuss what is next in the exciting field of mobile RF solutions.




Xie Feng Rohde & Schwarz
FQTL0429 (3).JPG

Xie Feng

Rohde & Schwarz

Mr. Xie Feng has over 15 years working experience at Rohde & Schwarz (R&S) headquarter in Munich, Germany. His area of expertise lies in the field of test and measurement techniques for wireless communication. His current interest is focusing on the trends of the emerging Internet of things technology and 5G. He holds several international patents in test & measurement area.   Inside GTI organization, as co-leader for project/task, he supported times of technical demonstrations and speeches.   Inside R&S, he co-ordinates an global GTI task force to contribute to GTI technical works, workshops and summits.




Zhang Yuan vivo
Yuan Zhang.jpg

Zhang Yuan


Ms.Yuan Zhang has been serving as the task leader of 5G device power consumption and the alignment between 4G and 5G device capability to promote the task forward and contributed to GTI's technical work and the promotion of 4G/5G terminal industry.




About GTI Awards 2020

GTI Awards 2020 intends to recognize outstanding contributions in 4G & Evolution, 5G eMBB, M-IoT, 5G ENS and Business & Services, and encourage innovative products, solutions and applications that address challenges faced by GTI operators.


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