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GTI Technology Ad-hoc series events were successfully held on 11th-12th November, 2020 in Shanghai, China. With greater focus on the two main themes of 5G ENS and 5G Cloud XR, the events intend to explore and discuss key issues such as standards, technologies and business applications that are faced by the industry, and to showcase innovative solutions and the latest achievements.


The 5G Cloud XR event was attended by more than 20 partners from the fields of content production, network, device, rendering engine, graphics and image, etc. It has provided a critical platform to have an in-depth discussion on the technical requirements and solutions for Cloud XR rendering and perceptual computing, and on the challenges and suggestions for standardization, technological breakthrough and industry development.


1. Content Production

lBy observing the changes of macro environment and consumer market, we can find that the overall industry is developing rapidly, but high-quality XR content supply remains the main obstacle to the development of the industry. Currently, 4k and 8k VR content is still in its infancy, while high resolution and high bitrate also depend on high performance communication network.

lThe most important significance of 5G to the video industry is not only the increase in transmission rate, but also the increase in information. 5G will reconstruct the way of content production and dissemination. Its low-latency, high-bandwidth, and wide-coverage features can push video content into real-world scenes, and break the limitations of viewing angles and space, which provide users a more personalized and social experience.

2. Device

lXR immersive experience includes HDR, accurate and natural gesture interaction and etc. At present, the ecology of XR is in full bloom in terms of ID design, optics, platform architecture and hybrid computing. To achieve general and affordable immersive experience, interface standardization, cloudification, 5G and edge computing are the direction to go.

3. Network

l5G network “cloud-edge-terminal” architecture and its technological dividends have become an important boost for the rapid development of immersive business, and 5G Cloud XR has been widely observed as a promising business model.

lIn order to address challenges of bandwidth, latency, and liability during the implementation of the 5G Cloud XR application, cooperation in standard technology needs to be strengthened further. We need to accelerate platform construction and network performance of 5G Cloud XR based on the analysis of XR transmission and the evaluation of XR user experience.

4. Engine

lThrough high-definition rendering pipeline HDRP, high-performance game operating architecture and streaming rendering technology, it is possible to realize the seamless high-definition world in "Ready Player One".

lWith the rapid development of cloud XR and cloud gaming, real-time rendering technology is transitioning from pure client/terminal rendering to real-time cloud rendering.

5. Standard

lOpenXR defines a common API that all XR runtimes can expose to application and engine developers, enabling XR software to be written only one time and can run on any OpenXR compatible hardware. OpenXR enables device vendors to innovate in the design and implementation of their hardware and runtimes.

lDuring the commercialization of Cloud XR services, the lack of standards was serious, which caused great obstacles to the development of the industry. For example, the adaptation interfaces between different terminals and the cloud, the development interface between cloud capabilities and engines, and the control interface between peripheral devices and services are all lack uniform standards.

lIn the near future, GTI will collaborate with Khronos Group to carry out standard formulation of Cloud XR interface in OpenXR API. In 2021, standardization in device API of cloud XR will be the top priority, to place a foundation for the unified process and ecosystem.


GTI established the 5G Cloud XR working group and announced the working plan at the event. It will join hands with various vendors of industry chains to carry out key technology research, standard formulation, application landing, to accelerate the industry development and commercial use of 5G Cloud XR.


**Presentation Video Playback of 5G Cloud XR**


Madam Huang Yuhong



Mr. Li Kangjing



Mr. Mo Yang

Mango TV


Mr. Zhang Li

Jingteng Tech


Mr. Guo Peng



Mr. Zhou Xijian



Mr. Zhang Hua



Mr. Hou Xiaohui



Mr. Liu Wenyuan



Mr. Dou Shengyue



Mr. Huang Cheng



Mr. Bao Jianyun



Mr. Wang Rui

Zhejiang University


Mr. Neil Trevett

Khronos Group




Mr. Hu Kezhen (CAICT), Mr. Niu Changfeng (Cyber Cloud), Mr. Fu Shixiong (Khronos Group), Mr. Zhang Jianing (NOLO VR), Mr. Hu Yang (Nokia)

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