5th GTI Workshop

Report in Collaboration with the GSMA Highlights Best Practice from National 5G Plans

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The 5th GTI Workshop will be organized into plenary sessions which focus on the latest progress in GTI Network,Terminal,Business&Service Working Groups,and separate sessions for respective Working Groups for in-depth discussions on key technical areas for TD-LTE commercialization.

The main themes include:

• Multi-Mode Multi-Band mobile hotspot and its product roadmap of key chipset vendors and OEMs

• Global roaming framework,architecture,testing and cooperation with GSMA

• Voice over LTE:solutions,performances and global roaming considerations

• New eNB types and Multi-Antenna solutions

• Consumer electronics marketing and novel applications

• Building TD-LTE 3.5G ecosystem


  Session Sub-Session Time Topic Company Speaker  
  DAY 1 Procedural Works Plenary Session 09:00-09:40 Opening & GTI Status Update GTI    
  DAY 1 Invited Speeches   09:40-10:40 Introduction to Connected Living Programme&Certifiction of Mobile Devices GSMA, GCF    
  DAY 1 Terminal Working Group WG Reportts & MMMB TF 10:50-12:00   China Mobile, Clearwire, Quanta, Gemtek    
  DAY 1 Terminal Working Group MMMB TF, Voice Solution for TD-LTE Handset TF, Q&A 13:30-15:00   FRMD, Avago, China Mobile, Samsung, Qualcomm    
  DAY 1 Network Working Group WG Report,Co-existence,MASS,Q&A 15:10-16:30   Vodafone,China Mobile    
  DAY 1 Business and Service Working Group WG Report,Consumer Electronics Marketing Taskforce,Global Roaming,Q&A 16:30-18:10   Clearwire,Tekelec    
  DAY 2 Network WG Session eNB roadmap and Multi-Antenna,VoLTE,eMBMS 09:00-12:00        
  DAY 2 Terminal Session Operator Only Meeting,MMMB/Global Roaming Joint session 09:00-12:00        
  DAY 2 Plenary Session Update on TD-LTE Market 13:30-14:00 TD-LTE Network in China China Mobile    
  DAY 2 Plenary Session Ad Hoc Session for 3.5GHz TD-LTE Ecosystem 14:00-16:00 Operators' Requirments,Vendors' Product Supports      
  DAY 2 Plenary Session Summary 16:30-18:00 Summary and future plan GTI    

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