The 21st GTI Workshop

Report in Collaboration with the GSMA Highlights Best Practice from National 5G Plans

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The 21st GTI Workshop was held with a great success during Feb. 22-23, 2018 in Barcelona, Spain. Over 180 industrial leaders, experts and representatives from global top-class operators and industrial partners attended the 21st GTI Workshop, including BT, KDDI, Orange , SoftBank, Telefonica and Vodafone, to discuss and share their views on how to promote TDD technology evolution, speed up 5G development and M-IoT end-to-end maturity and how to facilitate the business and service development with cross-industry partners.


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At the opening speech, Madam Huang Yuhong, the General-Secretary of GTI, summarized the latest progress of GTI technical work and the development of  industry in 2017, and also introduced GTI work plans in 2018 from aspects of 4G & Evolution, M-IoT, 5G eMBB, Innovative Business and Application, highlights of which are as following:

- Achievements of 2017:
With joint efforts, GTI has released 12 White Papers and Technical Reports and 7 Commercial Products and Prototypes on 5G, M-IoT and Innovative Business & Application, promoting industry maturity and guiding its development.

- Position of GTI 2.0:
GTI will keep standing in TDD camp and focus on industrialization and commercialization of 4G evolution and Sub-6GHz 5G system; led and driven by major operators and join force with mid-size and small operators to benefit from a robust ecosystem; work closely with the industry and reach out to the verticals.

- Work plan of 2018: Ensure TD-LTE migration to 5G in a highly cost-effective way; propel 5G end-to-end technologies and products for scalable trials; promote MIoT maturity via cross-industrial collaboration to ensure commercial success; promote cross-industry development and incubate innovative applications.

Meanwhile, the workshop demonstrated Cloud Robot, 5G NR TS38.521 RF testing, NB-IoT Qsite and NB-IoT Universal module.

Please click below for presentation slides of this workshop:




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