GTI Best Practice for FOTA of NB-IoT Device_V1.0

Report in Collaboration with the GSMA Highlights Best Practice from National 5G Plans

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1 Executive Summary

2 Abbreviations

3 References

4 Challenges and Chances of FOTA for NB-IoT

4.1 Diverse IoT Device Types
4.2 Low Data Rate and Narrow Bandwidth
4.3 Ultra-low Power Consumption
4.4 Robustness
4.5 Security

5 Cloud to Device Architecture

6 LwM2M Based FOTA Mechanism

6.1 Firmware Image Download Process
6.2 Continuous Transmission from Breakpoint
6.3 State Machine

7 Effective Incremental Algorithm

8 Specific Data Model and Interface Design

8.1 Object Design and Selection
8.2 Interaction with External MCU
8.3 Simplified System API for Developer

9 Exposing FOTA Capabilities via Cloud Platform

9.1 Group Management
9.2 Firmware Management
9.3 Upgrade Task Management
9.4 Upgrade Statistics
9.5 Firmware Version Checking   
9.6 Package Sending Retry Strategy

10 Pilot Project

11 Moving Forward

GTI Best Practice for FOTA of NB-IoT Device_V1.0111.jpg

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