GTI 5G Device Power Consumption White Paper_v4.0 ... 12 th / 11 / 2020

This whitepaper provides the analysis of the factors of power consumption, such as the key components /the 5G feature and the service type/the test solution and the performance requirements of power consumption for 5G device. In the early stage, the analysis of power consumption for sub6G eMBB terminal and the vertical terminal is the main part, the start-up time of the research of power consumption for millimeter wave device depends on the industry maturity.

GTI 5G Device OTA Test Specification_v2.0 07 th / 08 / 2020

This specification targets enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB) scenario for 5G Device products testing. It provides evaluation criteria for UE OTA performance in the 5G test.

GTI 5G Device RF Component Research Report-v4.0 ... 07 th / 08 / 2020

This report has been carried out in two directions respectively, the sub-6GHz RF components and the millimeter wave RF components. It analyses the industrial status, key technologies, design challenges, alternative process and research progress of core 5G RF components, such as power amplifier, filter, low noise amplifier and switch.

GTI 5G S-Module Whitepaper v3.0 07 th / 08 / 2020

This whitepaper mainly focuses on the 5G S-Module and has been carried out in several sections in turn. Combined with the standardization status and the industry status of 5G S-Module, the whitepaper analyses the required basic functions, the hardware technical requirements, the electrical interface technical requirements, test & certification and the typical technical solutions for 5G S-Module.

GTI 5G Global Device White Paper_v1.0 30 th / 07 / 2020

This whitepaper identifies and explores the 5G multi-mode multi-band device requirements of wireless network operators and service providers deploying the latest generation of mobile broadband technology. The paper also highlights certain key 5G technological requirements related to multi-mode mobility and MIMO support required by GTI operators.

GTI unveils joint initiative to realize 5G global ... 21 st / 07 / 2020

Backed by statements from China Mobile, Bharti Airtel, Softbank, Sprint(now T-Mobile US) and 23 operators and vendors, GTI announced its 5G Global Device Initi...

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