GTI NB-IoT Terminal OTA Test Specification-v1.1.0 ... 23 rd / 06 / 2019

This specification is a part of China Mobile C-IoT device test and certification scheme, to ensure the NB-IoT terminal compliance with China Mobile requirements. It will be used to guide the execution of NB-IoT terminal testing, and also be used to guide the NB-IoT terminal test system development.

GTI Test Solution for MIoT Terminal-Vehicle ... 23 rd / 06 / 2019

This is a new test specification which defines the function and performance test solution for Vehicle Detector in Intelligent Parking System.

GTI 5G Device Function and Performance Test ... 23 rd / 06 / 2019

This specification targets enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB) scenario for 5G Sub-6GHz Chipset, Module and Device products testing. It stipulates the 5G device function and performance test in lab for NSA Mode (Option 3/3a/3x) and SA (Option 2).

GTI TDD Spectrum Whitepaper v4.0 23 rd / 06 / 2019

This white paper summarizes the advantage of TDD spectrum, the driving force of TDD network rapid deployment and the acceleration of 5G-Oriented TDD spectrum allocation, in order to provide information and suggestions for facilitating the efficient utilization and fast deployment of TD-LTE globally and smooth evolution to 5G NR.

GTI 5G S-Module Whitepaper_v2.0 23 rd / 06 / 2019

This white paper provides a technical overview of the 5G Superior Universal Module, which is known as “5G S-Module”. It covers the industry status, the requirement, and the technology for 5G S-Module.

GTI Best Practice for FOTA of NB-IoT Device_V1.0 ... 23 rd / 06 / 2019

The white paper analyses the FOTA requirements of NB-IoT devices, the challenges and chances for FOTA based on the NB-IoT network, and proposes an end-to-end FOTA solution and reference implementation of NB-IoT devices based on LwM2M, including the architecture and implementation of incremental image generation, firmware image download process, breakpoint continuation and state machine.

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