GTI LTE, 5G NR Private Networks Whitepaper v1.0 ... 23 rd / 06 / 2019

This white paper provides a technical overview on the LTE and 5G NR “Private Networks” opportunity. The paper discusses gaps in standards that may still hinder the development of private networks, possible deployment issues and ways to enable LTE and 5G NR “private wireless networks”.

GTI Guideline for Device Certification V4.0 23 rd / 06 / 2019

This revision adds new certification criteria for NB-IoT Vehicle Detectors and updates the certification criteria for NB-IoT chipsets and modules.
- "GTI Guideline for Device Certification V4.0.0-rv" is the version with revision marks
- "GTI Guideline for Device Certification V4.0.0" is the clean version

NGMN Industry Conference & Exhibition 2020 Will ... 08 th / 04 / 2019

NGMN is thrilled to announce that the NGMN Industry Conference & Exhibition 2020 will take place on 21st-23rd April, 2020 in Paris, France, kindly supported by Orange.

R5-192788 Reply to GTI LS - 5G NR SA Industry Progress ... 27 th / 03 / 2019

RAN5 thanks GTI for the inputs on 5G NR SA industry progress and is glad to know GTI has made a good progress on 5G NR SA. Besides, RAN5 also appreciates GTI giving the clear industry demands on the SA Option2 test case priorities, including the single carrier, 2CC CA and UL-MIMO.

GTI 2.0 Reap Rewards of Constant Industrial ... 28 th / 02 / 2019

GTI Summit 2019, with the theme of “5G, Closer than Ever”, was successfully held on the 26th Feb. during Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2019. Deleg...

GTI 5G MEC White Paper_v1.0 21 st / 02 / 2019

This white paper will serve as a platform to initiate 5G MEC deployment strategy discussions within the GTI and be continuously updated based on the progress and consensus.

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