Big 3 Carriers, Dish Apply for 3.45 GHz Auction ... 23 rd / 08 / 2021

The Federal Communications Commission on Wednesday released a roster of applicants for participation in the next U.S. mid-band spectrum auction.

FCC Lists Bidders for Next 5G Spectrum Auction ... 20 th / 08 / 2021

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released the list of bidders for an upcoming 3.45GHz spectrum auction, setting the stage for another bidding war between the nation’s largest operators.

LG Successfully Demos 6G Data Transmission ... 20 th / 08 / 2021

LG Electronics on Thursday said it has successfully demonstrated 6G data transmission using the terahertz spectrum as the South Korean tech giant tries to move ahead in the next-generation communication technology.

Ligado, Mavenir to Develop Base Stations for ... 20 th / 08 / 2021

US-based satellite communications (satcom) company Ligado Networks said it has joined hands with Mavenir to develop base stations for 5G mobile satellite network for the Internet of Things (IoT) that it will deploy for business-critical operations in the United States and North America.

Nokia Addresses Network Security as Part of ... 20 th / 08 / 2021

Nokia today announced a new professional level 5G course and certification aimed at network security.

AT&T to Connect GM vehicles to 5G 20 th / 08 / 2021

AT&T and General Motors (GM) outlined plans to extend an existing partnership by connecting millions of vehicles to the operator’s 5G network, leveraging the cloud compute capabilities of mutual partner Microsoft.

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