Alcatel-Lucent 9471 Wireless Mobility Manager


Vendor: Alcatel-Lucent


Product information
The Alcatel-Lucent 9471 Wireless Mobility Manager (WMM) is the centralized control plane node with the Alcatel-lucent Ultimate Wireless Packet Core network combining the LTE Mobility Management Entity(MME) and the GPRS/W-CDMA Serving GPRS Support Node(SGSN) functions all on a scalable, high performance industry platform.

As an SGSN, the 9471 WMM is a feature-rich mobility and session manager providing the high-capacity and bearer scalability needed for today's real-time, multi-media broadband service. Built upon a scalable. high-performance industry standard platform, the 9471 WMM provides the flexibility to support GPRS/EDGE. W-CDMA/HSPA combined services all from a single rack. Together with the Alcatel- Lucent 7750 SR Mobile Gateway as the Gateway GPRS Support Node (GGSN), Alcatel-Lucent delivers a solution that is ideal to support for today's 3/H PSA+ packet core renovations with an toward LTE in the future.

As an MME, the Alcatel-Lucent 9471 WMM is at the heart of mobility control in LTE networks. The 9471 Mobility Management Entity (MME) is the centralized nodal element within the Alcatel-Lucent Evolved Packet Core solution that performs the signaling and control functions to manage User Equipment access to network connections. assignment of network resources and to maintain mobility management state to support tracking, paging, roaming and handovers. The 9471 WMM performs selection of the bearer gateways within the LTE EPC as well as providing the signaling and selection of the SGSNs or GGSNs for handovers in 2G/3G networks. It also performs the bearer management control functions to establish the bearer paths that the mobile devices use. Sophisticated paging algorithms and enhanced eNodeB monitoring enables the 9471 WMM to deliver optimal network performance.

The distributed Node B solution including the 9926 d2U combined with the Remote Radio Head includes these principal roll-out scenarios: operators facing difficulties with site acquisition due to limited footprint on potential sites;operators rolling out UMTS as an overlay to an existing 2G network, who can reuse existing GSM or CDMA cabinets; or greenfield operators with DSL or cable background who have shelters or DSLAM units distributed over major cities - and who may have a very dense grid of optical fibre.

The Alcatel-Lucent Ultimate Wireless Core, combined with the converged 2G/3G/LTE RAN solutions of our Wireless Broadband Transformation and the professional expertise in IP Transformation services delivers a complete, end-to-end solution to address any 3G/LTE network migration project.




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