Alcatel-Lucent 9926 digital 2U Node B


Vendor: Alcatel-Lucent


The Alcatel-Lucent 9926 digital 2U Node B (9926 d2U) offers cost-effective entry into the UMTS market for locations where site selection is difficult. It is a particularly good choice for fast integration within an existing 2G base station user space or existing standard 19-inch racks. This digital Node B can be used with existing Remote Radio Heads (9341 or 9442RRH) and with the Alcatel-Lucent 9332 radio Compact Node B(9332rCompact). The 9226 is shipped LTE Ready which is enabled with the addition of 9426 LTE software.

The distributed Node B solution including the 9926 d2U combined with the Remote Radio Head includes these principal roll-out scenarios: operators facing difficulties with site acquisition due to limited footprint on potential sites; operators rolling out UMTS as an overlay to an existing 2G network, who can reuse existing GSM or CDMA cabinets; or greenfield operators with DSL or cable background who have shelters or DSLAM units distributed over major cities - and who may have a very dense grid of optical fibre.

The addition of the 9426 software to the 9926 platform allows W-CDMA operators to quickly and easily add LTE support to their existing networks with strong investment protection, when combined with the 9442 RRH operators will be able to launch a full 2*2 MIMO solution. Operators new to the 9926, can order the platform with LTE software already located for an out of the box LTE solution.


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