Technical Work



Key Focus of GTI 2.0 Technical Work



Program 1: 4G & Evolution


• Continue to improve 4G network capacity and capability


• Promote 4G/5G collaborative evolution



Program 2: 5G eMBB


• Accelerate Sub-6GHz industry maturity: release NSA recommendation whitepaper, learn key lessons from NSA/SA deployments and further focus on SA key issues such as IODT, MEC, network slicing, 4G/5G interworking, VONR, etc.


• Promote 5G global device maturity: research on 5G device technology evolution and performance enhancement, GTI Certification of 5G chipset and device, exploration on S-Module application and 5G-enabled industry device


• Strengthen intelligent network research: specify the benchmark test and evaluation approach for classification of network intelligence level, sort out high priority intelligent network use cases and study the solutions from NE and MS aspect


• Kick off mm-wave study: research on mm-wave products and test solutions



Program 3: 5G Enterprise Network Solutions (5G ENS)


• Promote operator-provided ENS by synergy between GTI and other relevant ICT and OT organizations


• Explore advantages and key technical capabilities of ENS to fit in industrial value chain


• 5G S-Module and device solutions in Greenfield and Brownfield verticals


• Investigate solutions for operators to cope with the global trend of allocating local licensed spectrum for verticals


• Research on security of 5G vertical industry service and device


Program 4: Innovative Business & Service

• Explore 5G business models…


• Research on 5G applications such as 5G Cloud XR…


• Reach out to other vertical industry platforms for 5G joint innovation



Program 5: Cloud Robot


• Enabling the development of Cloud Robot and jointly exploring the market

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